2 oct. 2011

¡Apoya a la Orquesta de Extremadura!

Un amigo anónimo nos ha mandado la dirección que han creado para promover el apoyo a la Orquesta de Extremadura.

Recomendamos encarecidamente que visitéis esta página y que firméis el manifiesto. Aquí ya lo hemos hecho y he visto por ahí algunos amigos de este blog como Luis Carlos y Pedro Wichard que también apoyan la OEX.

In support of the Orquesta de Extremadura

The future of the Orquesta de Extremadura (Extremadura Symphony) is precarious. We are the only Spanish Symphony Orchestra still without a season for 2012.
The new government of Extremadura doesn’t want to commit itself to secure the continuity of this cultural project further than the current year.
One of the ministers of this government added to this precariousness by recently declaring, in reference to the social role of the Orquesta de Extremadura, that “it’s not worth maintaining it”.
We believe it necessary to make our leaders aware that our orchestra is an indispensable instrument for the advancement of classical music in this region. Since it was founded, it has also helped forming numerous young musicians through its Youth Orchestra program, the Orquesta Joven de Extremadura. And definitely, our orchestra has become a reference wherever the culture of Extremadura is mentioned in this country.
For all those reasons, we need your support by signing our petition


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